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A beginner learner demonstrates a beginning knowledge of the materials. The learner shows very little comprehension of the decision to drop the atomic bomb. The learner's letter may be too short or full of mistakes or inaccurate information.

An intermediate or developing learner demonstrates a moderate knowledge of the content. The learner shows basic analysis of the decision to drop the atomic bomb and shows some thinking beyond the resources given. The learner's letter may include some mistakes but the needed content is there to support his/her decision.

An advanced learner demonstrates deep analysis and synthesis of the resources given. He or she has made a competent decision regarding the issue at hand. The learner's letter is free of mistakes and inaccuracies and demonstrates extensive content literacy.

  Beginning Developing


KNOWLEDGE/COMPREHENSION: The Learner demonstrates understandingof the decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan.


Demonstrates initial comprehension of the decision. Decision is made mostly on unsupported opinion The learner understands some of the perspectives and reasons for dropping the bomb. The learner comprehends and can synthesize the various positions and accounts into a supported decision.
WRITING: The Learner has demonstrated content literacy skills by writing a quality letter showing comprehension and decision making skills. The learner's letter is too short or full of mistakes and inaccuracies. The learner's letter may be short and contains some inaccuracies or mistakes. Some of the resources are used to support the decision. The learners letter is of adequate length and uses resources to support his/her decision. The letter is free of mistakes.
ANALYSIS: The Learner has demonstrated the differences between opinion that is not based in fact and taking a side on an issue after comprehensive understanding of that issue. The learner continues to make his/her decision based on opinion and not comprehension of the rersources. The learner can support his/her decision with resources. The learner understands the differences between analysis. The learner is becoming a true thinker. He/she can think outside the boundaries of history and look inside and out of an issue.
PARTICIPATION: The Learner has participated in all aspects of the activity and can demonstrate knowledge of the issue at hand. The learner did not discuss in groups. The learner's knowledge has not been increased by the lesson The learner contributed some to the group discussion. The learner demonstrates some knowledge of the issue at hand Learner participated in group discussions. Researched all resources equally and with equal interest. Learner understands the persons involved in the decision.














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